Who We Are

The North American Haiti Partnership is a non-profit volunteer organization formed to support the relief efforts in Haiti following the January, 12 2010 earthquake. Our objective is to encourage the workers in Haiti and demonstrate through specific activities that the North American church has not forgotten its brothers and sisters in Haiti.


In active collaboration with leaders in Haiti, we are committed to facilitating meaningful involvement of North American local churches and agencies in Spirit-led initiatives that would assist in earthquake relief while at the same time expanding the kingdom of God in Haiti.


We desire to see the name of Jesus lifted up throughout Haiti.


  • The Laussane Covenant statement of faith defines that common bond of NAHP churches.
  • Operate with a spirit of inclusion rather than exclusion.
  • Respect for a variety of perspectives, while seeking the mind of God, will govern our deliberations.
  • Share freely our experience, processes and practices with other like-minded organizations.


NAHP Frequently Asked Questions

What is the North American Haiti Partnership?

The North American Haiti Partnership is modeled after partnerships of North American churches and agencies that partner with national pastors and missionaries in mission fields around the world.  These partnerships exist to mobilize churches and agencies in North America to support in various ways the needs of the worker in the field.

Why was this partnership formed?

As a result of the January 12, 2010 earthquake, the relief needs are far greater than what the local Haitian church can provide, and are even beyond the capabilities of a few North American churches and agencies now working in Haiti.  For that reason, this partnership was formed to promote work already going on; to provide various engagement opportunities for those wishing to be involved; and to help identify areas of future needs.  Most importantly, we want to make certain that North American believers encourage those laboring in Haiti - that they have not been forgotten!

What church or organization formed and runs this group?

None.  Individuals with a desire to see the name of Jesus glorified through this major recovery process formed this partnership.

What are the primary activities of NAHP?

The most important activities are communication and networking across North American and Haiti churches and agencies.  This is done primarily through organizing and conducting conferences and creating tools to bring people who are serving in Haiti together.  Our desire is to appropriately promote opportunities and publish needs as a means to connect the need with those to meet it.  Additionally, any activity to help support the local pastors and on-ground organizations in Haiti could be led by NAHP (ex. mission teams, prayer meetings, etc.).

What does NAHP not do?

NAHP is not a sending agency nor does the partnership serve as a funding source for projects.  The intent is to promote work already going on in Haiti and not to divert necessary resources away from those already working in the field.

What does it mean when a church, organization or individual joins this partnership?

It means that they have committed to join this movement to provide encouragement and support to the Haitian church.  There are no membership dues or any specific expectations.  We believe that the excitement of being engaged in the Lord's work in Haiti, along with others with a similar passion, will be tremendously rewarding.