Trip Report - CMD Atlanta

Here are some personal testimonies from several of the team members that joined us for our Haiti trip from June 18-26, 2011 in the Tokyo district (Delmas 2) of Port-au-Prince.

"I just got back from Haiti with our medical team.  During our week in Port-au-Prince, our team of 27 had a chance to treat 1315 patients and we shared Jesus and prayed with every patient we saw.  As a result of your prayers and the work of the Spirit, 35 Haitians indicated decisions for Jesus. Praise the Lord!  The best way to communicate how God worked in and through our team while in Haiti, is to let you hear directly from those who served.  Here are their stories!"  

Bill Reichart


"Praying with the Haitians we saw in clinic was one of the most powerful experiences of the trip.  In each prayer was an underlying connection between me and the patient that says, 'I know little of your daily struggles and you know little of mine; but we love and are loved by the same Jesus, and bring our desperate struggles before the same God, who understands us both.'  There are few bonds as strong as the one of communal prayer that transcends culture.  I often forget that Jesus isn't American, and this trip was a convicting reminder that Haiti, indeed every nation, has as much a claim to the Gospel as we do."  

Dan Tucker, Emory Medical student


"Everyone who came in to the clinic had a face which was downcast and showed deep sorrow and suffering.  However, when the name of Jesus was mentioned, I watched the faces of at least 6 of my patients each day go from downcast to full of light and life, and they started praising God and giving Him glory and testifying to His greatness and love - just at the mention of Jesus' name.  Truly the great light shining on them is reflected in their faces because they trust in God as their only hope and salvation... I met so many people whose lives have been completely changed by Christ, and I also grew spiritually and came to a deeper understanding of several core aspects of Jesus' character and God's will as previously I had only read about such things, but now have experienced how God works in the poor and suffering to glorify His name and increase His kingdom." 

Dr. Matt Fisher, Family Practice


"I've been truly blessed to be able to serve the Haitian people these last two years.  there's no greater joy than bringing the eternal hope of Jesus Christ to those who may never have earthly hope."

Dr. Keith Miller, Orthopedic Surgeon


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