In-Country Opportunities

Haiti Business Development

There is a major need to work with those desiring to start up their own business to encourage, support and train.  Additionally, existing business owners need ongoing support and mentoring.

Pastoral Care

There are several opportunities to provide encouragement and support to pastors in Haiti who have been under tremendous stress following the earthquake.  Haitians turn to the pastors – they are the community leaders expected to provide food and housing for their communities.

Specific opportunities include visits to encourage the pastors; prayer walks in their neighborhood; VBS activities; pastor retreats; and any other activity that is “field driven” – ie. specific activities requested by the pastors.

Orphan Care

The devastation of the earthquake left thousands of orphans in Haiti. Some were living in orphanages that were destroyed, some children lost their families and are now without homes and basic care. As you can imagine, there are many opportunities in Haiti for providing care for orphans. 

The needs in the orphanages are limitless – light construction, clothing and food, and education are ways that churches and organizations can serve.

Food Distribution

So many Haitians are hungry. There are opportunities for North Americans to provide regular food distribution in partnership with local Haitian pastors. 

Health Care

Many of the pastors in Haiti are familiar with hosting medical missions teams. There are opportunities for short-term medical missions teams to provide health care throughout Haiti.  In addition to adult and child primary care, opportunities include health education, optical care, and womens health, just to name a few.

Relocation / Rebuilding

The construction need is an obvious, yet overwhelming need.  There are numerous, specific ways for North American churches and organizations can be involved in this major, long-term rebuilding effort.


Education is valued in Haiti, yet so many teachers are not equipped to provide the necessary instruction to Haitian children.  Helping as to train teachers is such a vital way to help.

Domestic Opportunities