Pray for Haiti


"For this year I have a lot of problems especially with my school.  Can you help me with financial support for the school?  Yours in Christ, Pastor Jean Baptiste"


Jean Baptiste is an itinerant missionary that preaches all over Haiti.  He uses the Jesus film and other movies as a draw for his evangelism.  Last year, his ministry saw thousands come to know the Lord.  

What most people don't know is that pastors in Haiti do not receive a salary nor are they paid through tithes or offerings.  Those tithes and offerings are used to help the needy in the congregations.  If a member is out of work or needs food, they go to the pastor.  If their child need clothes, food, shoes - they go to the pastor.  The pastor is the social worker and welfare worker for the community.  The only "salary" that Jean receives is what little our organization is able to provide which is just a few hundred a month.  Jean shares that with three other workers.  

About five years ago, a group learned that Jean wanted to start a school in his neighborhood.  They helped with that and raised enough money to pay for the children's tuition, uniforms, teachers salaries, books, and one meal a day for each child.  They have been able to do this for the past five years but with the economy so bad here in the US, they had to cut that program this year.  So now the school has no support.  

This school is a light in the community and one of the best schools in the country.  It takes about $18,000 annually for the just over 100 students.  That is a complete school for one year including books, tuition, uniforms, and food.  With the reduction in support, these children will not have a school and no place to learn.  

I pray that some groups will work together to support some or all of these children so this school can continue.  

Please forward this note to churches and individuals and continue to pray that the Lord will lift up support in North America.

Contact me for any questions or if you wish to help.

Thank you,

Crawford Hitt -