Haiti Mission Trip Report - By Luvenia Allen

By: Luvenia Allen


I was in Haiti in May 2010 on a medical mission with Dr. Lee Jacobs, it was just after the devastating earthquake.  Thousands of people were living in tents.  The hunger and suffering was overwhelming.  

I returned to Haiti last week.  Rebuilding has begun but thousands of people remain in tents only now, the tents are worn and falling apart.  Hunger persists but is more prevalent among the elderly and young children.  

I had the opportunity to meet with Pastor J. Baptiste, one of the pastors I met while in Haiti last May.  He sadly explained to me that the Haitian people are suffering.  He said, "We need help".  Total despair was written on Pastor Baptiste's face but his faith remains strong.  He's asking that his sisters and brothers in the USA keep him and his people in our prayers.

Luvenia and her mission team